Atzompa clay, recycled blown glass, quiote wood
20 pieces approx. 10-23in X 7in X 7in

ma·guey - \me-’g?\ n. (pl. -s)
1. any of various tropical American agave plants of
the genera Agave or Furcraea, esp. one that yields
a fibre or is used in making an alcoholic beverage.
2. the fibre from any of these plants, used esp. for
rope or paper. [1545–55; < Sp. < Taino]

The glass piece is custom blown by Salvador Pulido Arroyo from Studio Xaquixe in Magdalena Apasco Etla. Studio Xaquixe is a sustainable glass studio which upcyles recycled glass into crystal quality glass and derives 80% of it's energy from waste vegetable oil. The studio is also an innovation center, developing and implementing diverse alternative energy technologies.

The clay is sourced from the women of Taller Ruiz Lopez, who are a family of master ceramists based in Atzompa. It was fired in a furnace installed by Studio Xaquixe at Taller Ruiz Lopez in an effort to allow artisans to use state of the art alternative energy technology to fire ceramic at temperatures above 1050° C, allowing them to make higher quality lead-free products.

The wood is quiote wood. Quiote is a tall stalk which grows out of the maguey. A clear alcohol, known as mezcal, is distilled from the high concentration of sugar stored in the heart of the maguey in order to be able to shoot out the very tall quiote.