This continuing documentary series is the product of a project I began in June of 2015, focused on bringing attention to a small network of sustainable craft studios in Oaxaca, Mexico. The goal was to get computers and cameras into the hands of young individuals who are members of those artisan communities and train them to use the equipment in order to self-promote. As a team, we focused on documenting the process and practices of the featured studios, through organized visits. In May of 2016 the series premiered on CORTV, a public non-profit communication network that fosters the socio-cultural wealth of the state of Oaxaca. [project site]

COOKING OIL: From Waste to Energy

Founded in 2002 by Salime Harp Cruces and Christian Thornton, Studio Xaquixe is a 380-square meter recycled glass-blowing facility that utilizes refined cooking oil, collected from local restaurants, to fuel it’s high-temperature furnace. This short documentary illustrates the process of collecting the oil from local establishments, producing a bottle and returning that bottle back into the local restaurant industry.

Xaquixe team members in order of appearance:
Jose Ramon, Salvador, Eli, Alvaro, Salime